Joe Biden

As 2023 draws to close, Biden’s promised visit to Africa shows no signs of happening yet

President Joe Biden promised to visit Africa this year, but 2023 is drawing to a close with no trip in sight so far.

Trump, on Biden’s 81st birthday, releases doctor’s note that says he’s in ‘excellent’ health

On President Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump has released a letter from his physician that reports the former president is in “excellent” physical and mental health.

Biden celebrates his 81st birthday with jokes as the White House stresses his experience and stamina

President Joe Biden is celebrating his 81st birthday by joking repeatedly about his advanced age. At the same time, the White House is strongly defending his stamina and playing down polling suggesting that the issue could cost him votes during next year’s election.

Biden pardons National Thanksgiving Turkeys while marking his 81st birthday with jokes about his age

President Joe Biden has spent part of his 81st birthday observing the White House tradition of pardoning Thanksgiving turkeys.

The Bidens start Thanksgiving early by serving dinner and showing ‘Wonka’ to service members

President Joe Biden is visiting naval installations in Virginia for an early kickoff to the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Dissent over US policy in the Israel-Hamas war stirs unusual public protests from federal employees

President Joe Biden and Congress are facing some unusually public challenges over their support for Israel’s offensive against Hamas.

Biden says he’s an optimist. But his dire warnings about Trump have become central to his campaign

President Joe Biden ends nearly every speech by saying he’s “never been more optimistic” about the country’s direction.

Biden says ‘revitalized Palestinian Authority’ should eventually govern Gaza and the West Bank

President Joe Biden says that achieving a cease-fire amid Israel’s war with Hamas “is not peace” and that an important key to lasting stability is a reunited Gaza Strip and West Bank that can be governed under “a revitalized Palestinian Authority.”

Taiwan envoy says he’s hopeful Biden-Xi meeting will reduce tensions in the Asia-Pacific region

The 92-year-old businessman who represented Taiwan at this week’s summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in San Francisco says he’s hopeful that a meeting between U.S.

Biden signs bill averting government shutdown for now, with Israel and Ukraine aid still stalled

President Joe Biden has ended the immediate threat of a government shutdown, signing a temporary spending bill a day before much of the government was to run out of money.

Biden seizes a chance to refocus on Asia as wars rage in Europe and the Mideast

With wars raging in Europe and the Middle East, it can be hard for President Joe Biden to focus on Asia, even though that was his original foreign policy goal.

Biden and López Obrador have talked fentanyl and US-Mexico migration. They pledged solidarity

President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador have pledged to work side-by-side to confront illicit fentanyl trafficking into the U.S. and to manage a growing number of migrants traveling to the border between their nations.

China’s agreement expected to slow flow of fentanyl into US, but not solve overdose epidemic

China has agreed to curtail shipments of the chemicals used to make fentanyl, the drug at the heart of the U.S. overdose epidemic.

Xi-Biden meeting seen as putting rocky relations back on course, though main differences remain

U.S. President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping haven’t resolved any of the vital geopolitical issues dividing the world’s two largest economies.

Biden promises a better economic relationship with Asia, but he’s specifically avoiding a trade deal

The United States and 13 partners in the Indo-Pacific region are announcing a signed deal on supply chains and agreements in principle on climate and anti-corruption efforts.

Biden tells Asia-Pacific leaders US ‘not going anywhere’ as he looks to build economic ties

President Joe Biden has made America’s case to CEOs attending the Asia-Pacific summit in San Francisco that the United States is committed to high standards in trade that will benefit economies across the Pacific.

Pandas, fentanyl and Taiwan — takeaways from Biden’s long-awaited meeting with Xi

President Joe Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping for hours on Wednesday in a widely anticipated encounter intended to recalibrate tensions between the two countries.

Biden announces 5 federal judicial nominees and stresses their varied professional backgrounds

President Joe Biden has announced five nominees to federal judgeships, including the first Muslim-American on any circuit court.

China’s state media take a new tone toward the US ahead of meeting between their leaders

Ahead of the highly anticipated meeting on Wednesday between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Chinese state media have taken a new tone toward the U.S. with less negative coverage, calls for a return to warmer ties and stories of Americans with positive connections to the coun

Biden, Xi met for hours and agreed to ‘pick up the phone’ for any urgent concerns: ‘That’s progress’

U.S. President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping have emerged from their first face-to-face meeting in a year vowing to stabilize their fraught relationship and showcasing modest agreements to combat illegal fentanyl and re-establish military communications.

Stock market today: Asian shares fall over China-US jitters following Biden’s meeting with Xi

Asian shares have retreated after Wall Street added a bit more to its big rally from a day before. Oil prices and U.S. futures also were lower.

Lush and private Northern California estate is site for Xi-Biden meeting

U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold their long anticipated meeting at Filoli, a historic country house and museum with lavish gardens just south of San Francisco.

Worsening warming is hurting people in all regions, US climate assessment shows

A massive new federal government report says revved-up climate change now permeates Americans’ daily lives with harms that are already far-reaching and worsening across every region of the United States.

Biden says his goal for Xi meeting is to get US-China communications back to ‘normal’

President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping have swept into San Francisco and are making their final preparations for their first engagement in a year.

1 in 3 US Asians and Pacific Islanders faced racial abuse this year, AP-NORC/AAPI Data poll shows

Despite ongoing efforts to combat anti-Asian racism that arose after the pandemic, a third of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders say they have experienced an act of abuse based on their race or ethnicity in the last year.

White House hoping Biden-Xi meeting brings progress on military communications, fentanyl fight

U.S. officials are expressing hope that this week’s highly anticipated face-to-face meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will produce some concrete results.

Biden honors Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights in the return of an NHL tradition

President Joe Biden has honored the Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights in a ceremony at the White House.

Jill Biden will lead new initiative to boost federal government research into women’s health

The White House says Jill Biden will be in charge of a new initiative to boost federal government research into women’s health.

This year’s Biden-Xi summit has better foundation but South China Sea and Taiwan risks won’t go away

The course of events in the year since the last meeting between Presidents Joe Biden and Xi Jinping offers cautious hope that they will have better luck this time around.

Biden hails ‘new era’ of ties between US and Indonesia

President Joe Biden and Indonesian President Joko Widodo have formalized closer ties between their countries at the White House.