Nissan, Eli Lilly rise; Nvidia, Alphabet fall, 11/24/2023

Stocks that traded heavily or had substantial price changes on Friday: Nissan, Eli Lilly rise; Nvidia, Alphabet fall.

Myanmar military says drone attack by ethnic armed groups in northeast destroyed about 120 trucks

Myanmar’s military-controlled government says that almost half of more than 250 cargo trucks stranded by fighting against ethnic minority armed groups near the northeastern border with China have been destroyed in a fire caused by bombs dropped by drones.

Broadcom planning to complete deal for $69 billion acquisition of VMWare after regulators give OK

Computer chip and software maker Broadcom says it has cleared all regulatory hurdles and plans to complete its $69 billion acquisition of cloud technology company VMware on Wednesday.

The US and the Philippines conduct joint air, sea patrols in South China Sea not far from Taiwan

The United States and the Philippines are conducting joint air and maritime patrols in the South China Sea, which come as the two countries step up cooperation in the face of growingly aggressive Chinese activity in the area.

China is expanding its crackdown on mosques to regions outside Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch says

A report by Human Rights Watch says the Chinese government has expanded its campaign of closing mosques to regions other than Xinjiang, where for years it has been blamed for persecuting Muslim minorities.

India, Australia commit to boosting strategic ties as their diplomats and defense chiefs hold talks

India and Australia say they’re committed to boosting economic and strategic ties as their top diplomats shared concerns over China, regional security and the Israel-Hamas war.

Australia’s leader criticizes China over its warship’s use of sonar that injured a naval diver

Australia’s prime minister has criticized China for what he calls a “dangerous” encounter between Chinese and Australian warships but declined to say whether he raised the issue with President Xi Jinping.

Marcos says China showing interest in South China Sea atolls closer to coast of the Philippines

Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. says the situation for his nation in the South China Sea “has become more dire.”

A Chinese man is extradited from Morocco to face embezzlement charges in Shanghai

A Chinese man wanted for allegedly embezzling millions of yuan (hundreds of thousands of dollars) from his company and then fleeing to Morocco has been extradited back to China, State broadcaster CCTV showed the man being handcuffed and led to a police car after getting off a plane on Saturday, The

Taiwan envoy says he’s hopeful Biden-Xi meeting will reduce tensions in the Asia-Pacific region

The 92-year-old businessman who represented Taiwan at this week’s summit of Asia-Pacific leaders in San Francisco says he’s hopeful that a meeting between U.S.

Taiwan’s opposition parties fail to agree on a joint candidate for January’s presidential election

Taiwan’s two main opposition parties have failed to agree on a joint candidate for president, once again throwing into doubt their ability to unseat the ruling party in January’s election.

Hong Kong’s Roman Catholic cardinal says he dreams of bishops from greater China praying together

Hong Kong’s newly appointed Roman Catholic cardinal says he dreams of having bishops and faithfuls from different parts of greater China pray together one day.

Japan and China agree to work on stable relationship, though only vague promises in seafood dispute

Japanese officials say Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed to build a stable and constructive relationship, but they achieved only a vague agreement on easing a dispute over a Chinese ban on Japanese seafood.

Biden seizes a chance to refocus on Asia as wars rage in Europe and the Mideast

With wars raging in Europe and the Middle East, it can be hard for President Joe Biden to focus on Asia, even though that was his original foreign policy goal.

China’s Xi is courting Indo-Pacific leaders in a flurry of talks at a summit in San Francisco

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expanding his diplomatic efforts to build more partnerships with Indo-Pacific leaders after his meeting with President Joe Biden at a time of intensifying competition with the United States.

Could America’s giant panda exodus be reversed? The Chinese president’s comments spark optimism

Panda lovers in America have received a much-needed injection of hope as Chinese President Xi Jinping says his government is “ready to continue” lending the black and white icons to American zoos.

ASEAN defense chiefs call for immediate truce, aid corridor in Israel-Hamas war

Southeast Asian defense ministers have expressed “profound concern” over the loss of civilian lives in the Israel-Hamas war and called for an immediate truce and creation of a humanitarian corridor to deliver aid.

Xi-Biden meeting seen as putting rocky relations back on course, though main differences remain

U.S. President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping haven’t resolved any of the vital geopolitical issues dividing the world’s two largest economies.

Refugees who fled to India after latest fighting in Myanmar have begun returning home, officials say

Officials say more than half of the estimated 5,000 refugees who fled the heavy fighting in Myanmar’s western Chin state and entered northeastern India have begun returning home.

Cambodia inaugurates new Chinese-funded airport serving popular tourist destination of Angkor Wat

Cambodia has inaugurated its newest and biggest airport, a Chinese-financed project meant to serve as an upgraded gateway to the country’s major tourist attraction, the centuries-old Angkor Wat temple complex in the northwestern province of Siem Reap.

Take heart, it looks like China could send new pandas to the US

Chinese President Xi Jinping is signaling that China will send new pandas to the United States. Xi calls pandas “envoys of friendship” between the Chinese and American people.

Fire at a coal mining company building in northern China kills 26 and injures dozens

A fire in a coal company building in a northern Chinese city has killed 26 people and injured at least 38.

Biden tells Asia-Pacific leaders US ‘not going anywhere’ as he looks to build economic ties

President Joe Biden has made America’s case to CEOs attending the Asia-Pacific summit in San Francisco that the United States is committed to high standards in trade that will benefit economies across the Pacific.

Japan’s exports grow better than expected as auto shipments climb

Japan has reported that its exports increased by 1.6% in October from a year earlier, as auto and ship shipments increased.

Pandas, fentanyl and Taiwan — takeaways from Biden’s long-awaited meeting with Xi

President Joe Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping for hours on Wednesday in a widely anticipated encounter intended to recalibrate tensions between the two countries.

Taiwan’s participation at APEC forum offers a rare chance to break China’s bonds

Taiwan will take part in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in San Francisco this week, a rare opportunity for the self-governing island democracy of 23 million people and its high-tech economy to break the diplomatic embargo on it imposed by authoritarian China.

Taiwan’s opposition parties team up for January election

Taiwan’s two main opposition parties, both of which have vowed to restart talks with China, are announcing a joint presidential ticket for January’s election.

China’s state media take a new tone toward the US ahead of meeting between their leaders

Ahead of the highly anticipated meeting on Wednesday between U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Chinese state media have taken a new tone toward the U.S. with less negative coverage, calls for a return to warmer ties and stories of Americans with positive connections to the coun

Biden, Xi met for hours and agreed to ‘pick up the phone’ for any urgent concerns: ‘That’s progress’

U.S. President Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping have emerged from their first face-to-face meeting in a year vowing to stabilize their fraught relationship and showcasing modest agreements to combat illegal fentanyl and re-establish military communications.

China and the US pledge to step up climate efforts ahead of Biden-Xi summit and UN meeting

China and the U.S. have pledged to accelerate their efforts to address climate change ahead of a major U.N. meeting on the issue.