South Africa, Colombia and others are fighting drugmakers over access to TB and HIV drugs

In a series of moves experts say signal a shift in how developing countries deal with pharmaceuticals, South Africa, Colombia and others have recently adopted a more combative approach towards drugmakers, pushing back on policies that deny treatment to millions of people with tuberculosis and HIV.

Madagascar president on course for reelection as supporters claim they were promised money to vote

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina is on course for reelection in a vote boycotted by most opposition candidates.

A newly formed alliance between coup-hit countries in Africa’s Sahel is seen as tool for legitimacy

Three West African nations led by military juntas met this week to strengthen a newly formed alliance which some analysts describe as an attempt to legitimize their military governments.

West Africa responds to huge diphtheria outbreaks by targeting unvaccinated populations

Authorities in several West African countries are trying to manage their huge diphtheria outbreaks. A top health official in Nigeria said Thursday that millions are being vaccinated to cover wide gaps in immunity against the disease.

AP Week in Pictures: Europe and Africa

Nov. 17-23, 2023

Protests around the world continue as a four-day cease-fire in Gaza between Israel and Hamas begins Friday morning.

El Niño-worsened flooding has Somalia in a state of emergency. Residents of one town are desperate

First, some families fled drought and violence. Now they say they have nowhere to hide from intense flooding as rainfall exacerbated by the weather phenomenon El Niño pummels large parts of Somalia.

Longer droughts in Zimbabwe take a toll on wildlife and cause more frequent clashes with people

In Zimbabwe, rains are finally bringing relief to its second-largest national park. But elsewhere in the wildlife-rich country, authorities say climate change-induced drought is deadly for animals and plants.

Rebels claim to capture more ground in Congo’s east, raising further concerns about election safety

A rebel group with alleged links to neighboring Rwanda claims to have seized a key town in Congo’s conflict-hit eastern region amid intense fighting.

Authorities warn that fake HIV drugs are found in Kenya despite a crackdown on counterfeits

Kenyan authorities have issued a warning about the sale of counterfeit HIV prevention drugs in the country, saying their “safety, quality and efficacy cannot be assured.”

Republic of Congo marks a day of mourning for 31 dead in a stadium stampede

Republic of Congo’s government says it’s paying the medical bills for 145 people injured in a stampede at a military recruitment event as the country marked a national day of mourning for the 31 dead.

An American man convicted of child sex crimes in Kenya 9 years ago is rearrested on new charges

An American man convicted of child sex crimes in Kenya nine years ago has been denied bail on new charges of defilement, months after he was mysteriously released from prison where he was serving a 50-year sentence.

Congo and the UN sign a deal for peacekeepers to withdraw after more than 2 decades and frustration

Congo’s foreign minister and the head of the U.N. stabilization mission in Congo have signed agreements to end the presence of U.N. peacekeepers after more than two decades.

Latest peace talks between Ethiopia’s government and Oromo militants break up without an agreement

Both sides say the latest round of peace talks between Ethiopia’s federal government and a militant group waging a long-running conflict in the Oromia region have broken up in Tanzania without an agreement.

As 2023 draws to close, Biden’s promised visit to Africa shows no signs of happening yet

President Joe Biden promised to visit Africa this year, but 2023 is drawing to a close with no trip in sight so far.

Niger’s junta asks West Africa’s court to compel neighbors to lift coup sanctions, citing hardship

Niger’s junta on Tuesday asked West Africa’s regional court to order the lifting of sanctions imposed on the country by its neighbors following a July coup in which the democratically elected president was deposed.

UN warns food aid for 1.4 million refugees in Chad could end over limited funding

The United Nations food agency has warned that it might end food assistance to 1.4 million refugees in Chad who fled the conflict in parts of the Sahel because of limited funding.

US, UK and Norway urge South Sudan to pull troops from oil-rich region of Abyei amid violence

The U.S., Norway, and the U.K. are urging the government of South Sudan to withdraw its troops from the disputed region of Abyei amid violence in which at least 27 people have been killed in recent days.

Liberia’s president-elect cancels victory celebrations after vehicle rams into crowd, killing 3

Liberian President-elect Joseph Boakai’s party is canceling all remaining victory celebrations after a vehicle careened into a crowd killing three people.

South African lawmakers vote in favor of closing Israel’s embassy and cutting diplomatic ties

A majority of South African lawmakers have voted in favor of a motion calling for the closure of the Israeli embassy and the cutting of diplomatic ties until Israel agrees to a cease-fire in Gaza.

Officials in Liberia formally declare Boakai the president-elect days after incumbent Weah conceded

Election officials in Liberia have officially declared Joseph Boakai the president-elect of the West African country.

Congolese businessman Katumbi launches his presidential campaign to challenge Tshisekedi

Congolese businessman and opposition leader Moise Katumbi has launched his bid for the presidency, five years after the regime in power at the time blocked him from running.

Germany pledges to invest 4 billion euros in green energy projects in Africa

The German government has pledged to invest 4 billion euros ($4.37 billion) in African green energy projects until 2030.

A cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe is suspected of killing more than 150 and is leaving many terrified

A cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe is suspected of killing more than 150 people and infecting more than 8,000.

Weeklong negotiations for landmark treaty to end plastic pollution close, marred in disagreements

Negotiators at United Nations–led talks in Nairobi, Kenya have failed to agree on how to advance toward the development of a global treaty to end plastic pollution.

Senegal opposition party sponsoring new candidate Faye after court blocks jailed leader Sonko’s bid

The party of jailed Senegalese leader Ousmane Sonko says it’s now backing another candidate for the February presidential election.

Congo’s presidential candidates kick off campaigning a month before election

Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi and a politician hoping to unseat him next month have launched their campaigns as the incumbent leader contends with ongoing violence in eastern Congo.

32 killed in attacks in the Abyei region, which is disputed between Sudan and South Sudan

Heavy fighting in a disputed region claimed by both Sudan and South Sudan has killed at least 32 people, according to a regional official.

Liberian President George Weah concedes defeat after provisional results show challenger won runoff

Liberian President George Weah has conceded defeat after nearly complete provisional results showed challenger Joseph Boakai won this week’s runoff election.

Ruling by Senegal’s highest court blocks jailed opposition leader Sonko from running for president

Senegal’s highest court has effectively barred detained opposition leader Ousmane Sonko from running for president early next year.

Death toll from floods in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia rises to 130

At least 130 people have died in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia following heavy rains that triggered what aid agencies describe as flooding seen only once every 100 years.

Former Nigerian central bank chief arraigned and remanded in prison for alleged fraud

The former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria has been charged with procurement fraud. The court remanded Godwin Emefiele in prison until it rules on his bail application.

Madagascar’s incumbent President Rajoelina takes early lead in vote marked by boycott, low turnout

Madagascar’s incumbent President Andry Rajoelina has taken a commanding lead in the island nation’s presidential election, which is being boycotted by the majority of candidates and is marked by low turnout.

At talks on cutting plastics pollution, plastic credits are on the table. What are they?

As countries meet in Nairobi to negotiate a treaty aimed at cutting plastics pollution, one of the tools that’s been discussed is plastic credits.

A Ghana reparations summit agrees on a global fund to compensate Africans for the slave trade

Delegates at a reparations summit in Ghana have agreed to establish a Global Reparation Fund to push for overdue compensation for millions of Africans enslaved centuries ago during the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The faces of pastoralists in Senegal, where connection to animals is key

FETE FORROU, Senegal (AP) — The Fulani people — also known as the Peuhl — are believed to be the largest seminomadic ethnic group in the world, with communities stretching from Senegal to the Central African Republic.

South Africa refers Israel to ICC over Gaza attacks as pressure mounts to cut diplomatic ties

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa says his country has filed a referral to the International Criminal Court for an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza.