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Biden is trying again on student loan forgiveness. Here’s where the process stands

President Joe Biden is making another attempt at student loan cancellation after the Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that his administration couldn’t forgive $400 billion in student loan debt using a 2003 law.

Borrowers are reassessing their budgets as student loan payments resume after pandemic pause

Millions of Americans must start repaying their federal student loans again in October, with monthly payments averaging hundreds of dollars.

804,000 long-term borrowers are having their student loans forgiven before payments resume this fall

Student loan payments start up again for most borrowers in October, but more than 800,000 people who have been paying for years are having their loans forgiven.

What to know about renters insurance and what it does and doesn’t cover

When natural or manmade disasters happen, renters insurance can mean the difference between catastrophe and stability.

Pets are our faithful companions, but the costs to care for them can add up

Pets provide joy and companionship, but costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re a first-time owner and don’t know what to expect.

Information theft is on the rise. People are particularly vulnerable after natural disasters

Information theft is on the rise. Over 1.1 million people reported the crime to the Federal Trade Commission in 2022.

Federal student loan interest has started accruing again. Here’s what you need to know

Interest on federal student loans has started accumulating again after a three-year pause because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Investment scams are everywhere on social media. Here’s how to spot one

Social media is full of scammers promising guaranteed returns on investment, and consumers lost $3.8 billion to them last year just in the U.S., according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Going to college? Here’s what you should know about student loans

If you’re heading to college or starting to think about where you’d like to apply, you’re probably considering options for funding your education.

People are losing more money to scammers than ever before. Here’s how to keep yourself safe

Business for scammers is booming. The most recent Federal Trade Commission data from 2022 shows that reported consumer losses to fraud totaled $8.8 billion.

Your paycheck could clear faster now that the FedNow instant payment service for banks has launched

The Federal Reserve has launched a new instant payment service that allows banks and credit unions to sign up to send real-time payments so they can offer customers a quicker way to send money between banks.

What will Biden’s new plan mean for borrowers set to begin paying back their student loans?

After the Supreme Court effectively killed President Biden’s student debt forgiveness proposal, he’s trying again using a different legal approach.

How the Supreme Court student loan decision affects you

The Supreme Court has ruled the Biden administration overstepped its authority in trying to cancel or reduce student loan debt, effectively killing the $400 billion plan.

Here’s how to prepare to start paying back your student loans when the pandemic payment freeze ends

An estimated 43 million borrowers who could have seen their student loan balances decreased or erased will now resume their original payments in the fall, following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Biden administration’s debt forgiveness plan.

It’s almost time to resume student loan payments. What happens if you don’t?

After three years, the pandemic-era freeze on federal student loan payments will end in October. It may seem tempting to just keep not making payments, but the consequences can be severe, including a hit to your credit score and exclusion from future aid and benefits.

Here’s how to prepare to start paying back your student loans when the pandemic payment freeze ends

A three-year pause on student loan payments will end this summer regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on the White House plan to forgive billions of dollars in student loan debt.

Regulators take aim at AI to protect consumers and workers

As concerns grow over increasingly powerful artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT, the nation’s financial watchdog says it’s working to ensure that companies follow the law when using AI.

The US has approved $42 billion in loan forgiveness for public service workers. Here’s what to know

The U.S. has approved more than $42 billion in federal student loan debt forgiveness for more than 615,000 borrowers over the past 18 months.

Is my money safe? What you need to know about bank failures

Recent turmoil in the banking industry may have you worried about your money. Shares of PacWest, a small regional bank based in Los Angeles, plunged almost 40% after the company confirmed it may put itself up for sale.

How a Fed increase could affect credit card debt, auto loans

The Federal Reserve has raised its key interest rate yet again in its drive to cool inflation, a move that will directly affect most Americans.

Left your taxes till the last minute? Here are some tips

The deadline to file your taxes has arrived. Whether you do them by yourself, go to a tax clinic or hire a professional, navigating the tax system can be complicated.

Freelancers can prepare now for new 2023 tax reporting

If you receive payments via apps like Venmo, Zelle, Cash App or PayPal, your tax reporting requirements will change next year.

Your tax refund could be smaller than last year. Here’s why

If you’re expecting a tax refund, it could be smaller than last year. And with inflation still high, that money won’t go as far as it did a year ago.

Apple rolls out buy now, pay later service: What to know

Apple is getting into the buy now, pay later space with a few tweaks to the existing model, including no option to pay with a credit card.

Black, Hispanic investors struggle with faith in crypto

NEW YORK (AP) — A software developer twice invested his savings in cryptocurrencies, only to lose it all.

Debt, expenses stress lower income households: AP-NORC poll

A new AP-NORC poll shows that personal finances are a major source of stress for about half of the lower income households in the U.S..

Credit card debt is at record high as Fed raises rates again

As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates again, credit card debt is already at a record high, and more people are carrying debt month to month.

Pay transparency is spreading. Here’s what you need to know

More employers are posting salary bands for job postings, even in states where it’s not mandated by law.

What to do if you’re concerned you might be laid off

The job market in the U.S. remains strong overall, but recent high-profile layoffs at technology and media companies and predictions of a recession later this year have raised concerns about job security.

Supreme Court student loan hearing: What you need to know

The fate of President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is up in the air after Supreme Court justices questioned whether his administration has the authority to broadly cancel federal student loans.