Fossil fuel influence at UN climate talks


Avalanche in west Iran kills 5 mountain climbers and injures another 4

Iran’s state news agency says an avalanche killed five mountain climbers and injured four others from an all-Iranian climbing team in west Iran Rescue teams recovered the bodies of five climbers from San Boran peak, some 300 kilometers (about186 miles) southwest of the capital Tehran, IRNA news agen

Tackling climate change and alleviating hunger: States recycle and donate food headed to landfills

A growing number of states are working to keep food out of landfills over concerns the waste is taking up too much space and posing environmental problems.

‘Adopt an axolotl’ campaign launches in Mexico to save iconic species from pollution and trout

Academics in Mexico City are asking for donations to protect axolotls, an iconic fish-like type of salamander.

5 family members and a commercial fisherman neighbor are ID’d as dead or missing in Alaska landslide

Authorities have identified those missing or killed in an Alaska landslide this week as five family members and their neighbor, a commercial fisherman who made a longshot bid for the state’s lone seat in the U.S.

Canada, EU agree to new partnerships as Trudeau welcomes European leaders

Canada and the European Union say they are making strides toward new partnerships on green energy, digital transformation and research funding, as a Canada-EU Summit got underway in the Atlantic coast province of Newfoundland.

Cleanup, air monitoring underway at Kentucky train derailment site

Kentucky officials and crews with rail operator CSX are working to remove train cars and spilled material at the site of a derailment.

Germany’s leader vows to fix a spending crisis that’s worsening gloom in the struggling economy

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has promised quick action to fix a budget crisis after a court decision blew a large hole in the almost-finished plan for next year.

Vietnam’s plan for spending $15.5 billion for its clean energy transition to be announced at COP28

A plan for how Vietnam will spend $15.5 billion to transition to cleaner energy has been finalized and will be announced formally at the COP28 climate conference, which begins in Dubai next week.

French foreign minister says China’s cooperation is vital in ending Russia-Ukraine war

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna says China’s cooperation is vital on an issue that has divided it and much of Europe: ending the war in Ukraine.

Maui residents wonder if their burned town can be made safe. The answer? No one knows

The rubble left behind includes electrical cables, plastic pipes and vehicle tires that emit dangerous dioxins when burned; lead from melted vehicles or old house paint; and arsenic-laden ash.

Sea turtle nests break records on US beaches, but global warming threatens their survival

It’s been a record-breaking year for sea turtles in Florida. Just as they have for millions of years, the turtles have crawled onto beaches, digging pits in the sand to lay their eggs.

Officials begin clearing debris while 3 remain missing in Alaska landslide that left 3 dead

Searchers looking for three people who remain missing after a massive landslide that killed three others and injured a fourth have changed their strategy from holding an active search to a reactive search that will involve methodically clearing the highway.

US electric vehicle sales to hit record this year, but still lag behind China and Germany

Electric vehicle sales are expected to hit a record 9% of all passenger vehicles in the U.S. this year, according to Atlas Public Policy.

Dozens evacuate and 10 homes are destroyed by a wildfire burning out of control on the edge of Perth

Australian authorities say dozens of residents have been evacuated and at least 10 homes have been destroyed by a wildfire that’s burning out of control during heat wave spring conditions on the northern fringe of the west coast city of Perth.

Longer droughts in Zimbabwe take a toll on wildlife and cause more frequent clashes with people

In Zimbabwe, rains are finally bringing relief to its second-largest national park. But elsewhere in the wildlife-rich country, authorities say climate change-induced drought is deadly for animals and plants.

Decision on the future of wild horses in a North Dakota national park expected next year

About 200 wild horses roam free in a western North Dakota national park. But that number could shrink as the National Park Service is expected to decide next year whether it will eliminate that population.

To save the climate, the oil and gas sector must slash planet-warming operations, report says

The oil and gas sector, one of the major emitters of planet-warming gases, will need a rapid and substantial overhaul for the world to avoid even worse extremes fueled by human-caused climate change.

El Niño-worsened flooding has Somalia in a state of emergency. Residents of one town are desperate

First, some families fled drought and violence. Now they say they have nowhere to hide from intense flooding as rainfall exacerbated by the weather phenomenon El Niño pummels large parts of Somalia.

Animal welfare advocates file lawsuit challenging Wisconsin’s new wolf management plan

Animal welfare advocates are suing to stop Wisconsin’s new wolf management plan. They say the state violated open meeting laws while drafting the proposal and accuse wildlife officials of disregarding pro-wolf comments.

Peru lost more than half of its glacier surface in just over half a century, scientists say

Peruvian scientists say Peru has lost more than half of its glacier surface in the last six decades due to climate change.