Ukraine aims a major drone attack at Crimea as Russia tries to capture a destroyed eastern city

Russian officials say Ukraine has launched one of its biggest drone attacks on the Moscow-annexed Crimean Peninsula since the full-scale war began.

Make noise! A murder and a movie stir Italians to loudly demand an end to violence against women

Anger has erupted in Italy over the slaying of a college student allegedly by an ex-boyfriend who resented her success and wouldn’t accept their breakup.

Russian consumers feel themselves in a tight spot as high inflation persists

The shelves at Moscow supermarkets are full of fruit and vegetables, cheese and meat. But many of the shoppers look at the selection with dismay as inflation makes their wallets feel empty.

NATO member N Macedonia to briefly lift flight ban in case Russia’s Lavrov wants to attend meeting

NATO member North Macedonia says it will briefly lift a ban on flights from Russia next week. That would let Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attend an international conference in the country should he accept the invitation.

Israel summons Spanish, Belgian ambassadors following criticism during visit to Rafah

The Israeli government says it will summon the Belgian and Spanish ambassadors following remarks by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and his Belgian counterpart Alexander de Croo on the war between Israel and Hamas.

Canada, EU agree to new partnerships as Trudeau welcomes European leaders

Canada and the European Union say they are making strides toward new partnerships on green energy, digital transformation and research funding, as a Canada-EU Summit got underway in the Atlantic coast province of Newfoundland.

Putin to boost AI work in Russia to fight a Western monopoly he says is ‘unacceptable and dangerous’

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that he will endorse a national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence.

Slovak leader calls the war between Russia and Ukraine a frozen conflict

Slovakia’s new prime minister, Robert Fico, says he considers the war between Ukraine and Russia a frozen conflict that cannot be solved by sending arms to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Activists call on France to endorse a consent-based rape definition across the entire European Union

Activists wearing masks depicting President Emmanuel Macron have urged France to change its position and endorse a law proposed by the European Union that would define rape as sex without consent in the bloc’s 27 countries.

French foreign minister says China’s cooperation is vital in ending Russia-Ukraine war

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna says China’s cooperation is vital on an issue that has divided it and much of Europe: ending the war in Ukraine.

AP Week in Pictures: Europe and Africa

Nov. 17-23, 2023

Protests around the world continue as a four-day cease-fire in Gaza between Israel and Hamas begins Friday morning.

A crane operator has rescued a man from a burning high-rise in England

A crane operator has played down tributes paid to him after he lifted a man to safety from a burning high-rise building in England.

Violent clashes break out in Dublin after knife attack that injured 3 children, one seriously

Violent clashes have broken out in central Dublin after a 5-year-old girl was seriously injured in a knife attack that also saw a woman and two other young children hospitalized.

Sunak is under pressure to act as the UK’s net migration figures for 2022 hit a record high

U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is facing heavy pressure from his own Conservatives to take swift action to bring down migration as new data showed net migration numbers were higher than previously thought.

Europe’s far-right populists buoyed by Wilders’ win in Netherlands, hoping the best is yet to come

Geert Wilders provided a major boost to Europe’s far-right populists with his election win in the Netherlands.

EU sends border police reinforcements to Finland over fears that Russia is behind a migrant influx

The European Union’s border agency says that it will send dozens of officers and equipment as reinforcements to Finland to help police its borders amid suspicion that Russia is behind an influx of migrants arriving to the country.

Hungary set to receive millions in EU money despite Orban’s threats to veto Ukraine aid

Hungary is set to receive 900 million euros ($981 million) in European Union money despite the Hungarian prime minister’s attempts to scupper the bloc’s support for Ukraine.

Ukraine says 3 civilians were killed in a daylight Russian cluster bomb attack

A Kyiv official says a Russian attack using cluster munitions has killed three people in a suburb of Ukraine’s southern city of Kherson.

Dutch election winner Geert Wilders is an anti-Islam firebrand known as the Dutch Donald Trump

He’s been called the Dutch Donald Trump. He’s been threatened with death countless times by Islamic extremists, convicted of insulting Moroccans and the British government once banned him from entering the country.

German police raid homes of 20 alleged supporters of far-right Reich Citizens scene

Police officers in Germany have searched the homes of about 20 people in connection with investigations into the far-right Reich Citizens scene.

An anti-European Union billboard campaign in Hungary turns up tensions with the Orbán government

A countrywide billboard campaign that flooded the streets of Hungary this week takes aim at the head of the European Union’s executive, Ursula von der Leyen.

Germany and Italy agree on joint ‘action plan’ including energy, technology, climate protection

Germany and Italy have agreed to work closer together in the fields of energy, technology, climate protection, security and cultural cooperation among other issues.

Finland erects barriers at border with Russia to control influx of migrants, closes crossing points

Finnish border guards and soldiers have begun erecting barriers including concrete obstacles topped with barbed-wire at some crossing points on the Nordic country’s lengthy border with Russia.

Leaders of 4 Central European states disagree on military aid for Ukraine but agree on other support

The presidents of four Central European countries found some common ground Wednesday on Ukraine despite their governments’ diverging views on military support for its fight against Russia’s invasion.

A ‘black day’ for the EU Green Deal: lawmakers reject proposal to cut use of chemical pesticides

BRUSSELS (AP) — In a blow to the European Green Deal, EU lawmakers on Wednesday rejected a plan to reduce the use of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2030 and to ban all pesticide use in areas such as public parks, playgrounds and schools.

Portuguese hacker in Football Leaks scandal handed 6-month suspended sentence by French court

A Portuguese hacker whose bombshell revelations on the “FootballLeaks” website rocked European soccer was convicted Wednesday by a Paris court and given a suspended prison sentence of six months.

Czech president approves plan introducing budget cuts, taxes. Labor unions call for protests

Czech President Petr Pavel has signed into law an economic package of dozens of measures introducing budget cuts and increased taxes designed to keep the ballooning budget deficit under control.

Germany to extradite an Italian man suspected in the killing of a woman that outraged Italy

Germany will extradite an Italian man suspected in the killing of a 22-year-old woman to Italy. According to German news agency dpa, the Higher Regional Court in Naumburg, in the eastern German state of Saxony-Anhalt announced on Wednesday that it had ordered the extradition of the 21-year-old man.

A hand grenade explosion triggered by a quarrel at a market injures 10 people in southern Kosovo

Authorities in Kosovo say a hand grenade has exploded in an animal market in a southern city and 10 people are injured.

The top contenders to lead the Netherlands, from a former refugee to an anti-Islam populist

No fewer than 26 political parties are seeking a share of the 150 seats in the lower house of parliament in the Netherlands’ general election Wednesday.

In a shock for Europe, anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders records a massive win in Dutch elections

The far-right and anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders is heading for a massive parliamentary election victory.

Britain’s Conservative government pushes tax cuts in hopes of bolstering electoral chances

Britain’s Conservative government has sought to regain the political initiative with a series of tax cuts for businesses and individuals that it hopes will boost its chances in a national election next year that opinion polls suggest it will lose.

France remains ‘le grand fromage’ in the European Union, and Camembert remains in a wooden box

The European Parliament has settled a pungent culinary issue with a vote to exempt France’s famous Camembert cheese from a proposal about packaging waste.

Bodies of 4 teenage boys who disappeared on a camping trip in Wales found in their overturned car

British police say the bodies of four teenage boys who had been missing since they left for a weekend camping trip have been found inside their overturned car.

The White House is concerned Iran may provide ballistic missiles to Russia for use against Ukraine

The White House says it’s very concerned that Iran may provide ballistic missiles to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine.