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The Supreme Court says it is adopting a code of ethics, but it has no means of enforcement

The new Supreme Court code of conduct agreed to by all nine justices does not appear to impose any significant new requirements on them.

Democrats postpone a subpoena vote in the Supreme Court ethics probe after a blowup with Republicans

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have abruptly adjourned a meeting without an expected vote on subpoenas for two conservatives who helped arrange luxury travel and other benefits for Supreme Court justices.

Democrats see abortion wins as a springboard for 2024 as GOP struggles to find a winning message

Voters have thrown their support behind abortion rights in races in Ohio, Virginia and elsewhere. And now, Democrats look to springboard off those wins by using the issue to drive turnout and shape next year’s races for the White House, Congress and other elections.

The Supreme Court seems likely to preserve a gun law that protects domestic violence victims

The justices on Tuesday suggested they’ll reverse a ruling from an appeals court in New Orleans that struck down the 1994 ban on firearms for people under court order to stay away from their spouses or partners.

Why one survivor of domestic violence wants the Supreme Court to uphold a gun control law

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments in a challenge to a 1994 law prohibiting people facing domestic violence restraining orders from having guns.

The Supreme Court will hear an NRA appeal in a dispute with a former New York state official

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal from the National Rifle Association over comments from a former New York state official who urged banks and insurance companies to discontinue their association with gun promoting groups after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Supreme Court will rule on ban on rapid-fire gun bump stocks, used in the Las Vegas mass shooting

The Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether a ban on gun attachments that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rapidly like machine guns violates federal law.

MLB settles lawsuits from minor league teams, avoids possible antitrust challenge at Supreme Court

Major League Baseball avoided a possible U.S. Supreme Court challenge to its antitrust exemption when it settled a federal lawsuit and two in New York State court filed by minor league teams who lost their big league affiliations.

ACLU and families of trans teens ask Supreme Court to block Tennessee ban on gender-affirming care

Attorneys representing Tennessee transgender children, teens and their families have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block a ban on gender-affirming care for children and teenagers that a lower court allowed to go into effect.

The Supreme Court seems likely to rule against a trademark in the ‘Trump too small’ case

The Supreme Court has signaled that it would rule against a man who wants to trademark the suggestive phrase “Trump too small.”